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Voss Permanent Molds

Voss Pattern has an understanding of permanent mold processes, including Hall Tilt Pour machines and mold making practices at the top of the toolmaking industry. We routinely produce even the most complicated large and small molds for all permanent mold processes. We are very comfortable working with materials ranging from iron to H-13 tool steel. Permanent mold jobs including cores of all shapes and sizes, multiple cores, slides or pullbacks and inserts are produced on a daily basis. Our finish benching practices are second to none, every mold leaves Voss Pattern with an excellent surface finish and all machining marks removed to ensure your castings are of an excellent surface finish.

Voss Pattern Permanent Mold

Complex Permanent Molds
Voss Pattern can produce permanent molds in any size and complexity.
Permanent Molds for Aluminumm Casting

Complex Permanent Molds