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Voss Pattern Core Boxes

Voss Pattern is well known for its knowledge of all types of coremaking processes and tooling. In particular we have extensive experience with Redford, Laempe and Primafond machines. We have built or re-rigged hundreds of coreboxes. We will build to suit your fully detailed 3D models / 2D prints or we are equally happy to provide design services to start with a part model / print and fully design the tooling to suit your needs at a competitive cost.

Hot Box Core Boxes
Redford Carver Hot Box Core Boxes
This is a hot box core box built by Voss Pattern for a Redford Carver shell core machine
Voss Hot Box Core Boxes

Cold Box Core Boxes
Voss Pattern Cold Box Core Box
Red Board Cold Box
Red Board Core Making
Voss Pattern Cold Box Core Box